Sunday, February 19, 2012

Uyghur couple dance (Leperr)

Uyghur Dance - Muqam performance

Uyghur Muqam Performance (Part from Oshaq Muqam)

Ancient Uyghur Dance

2008 Seoul International Dance Competition

Uyghur Dance

"Долан уйгурский танец!"

Uyghur Dance ( Ayem)

Uyghur Dance - Muqam performance

Guzallik Sanda

Uyghur song "Guzallik sanda" by Mominjan.

Uyghur Dance - 4 Pada

Beautiful Uyghur Dance

Uyghur Folk Tale (Chin Tömür Batur)


Ay Xenim Süzük Chiray

Cranes fly in formation in the sky, but I wish there was moon light.
If my love was not by my side in the moon light, how can I be happy?
It reminds me of you, because you are as beautiful as the moon.
In the moon light, I'll play the ravap all night.
I peeked through your window, saw you combing your hair but you never came out. What happened, my love? My beautiful love, how can I endure this pain of love.?

Uyghur Beauty (Dutar Song & Dance)

Uyghur Folk Song and Dance

Oldest mosque in china,7th century Xian

Urumqi "Asie la Chine découverte de la ville de Urumqi"

Chinese terrorist murdering Uyghur Muslims in East Turkistan

The Uyghur people of East Turkistan

An American Woman travels through the Uyghur region and takes fotos and discusses Uyghur culture and about their struggle against the Chinese.

Waiting for Uyghuristan ( Sean R. Roberts)

Waiting for Uyghuristan ( Sean R. Roberts)

East Turkistan is a Lost Country - Conversations

The Uyghur homeland, East Turkistan is four time the size of California.

Uyghur Leader Rebiya Kadeer's appeal to Uyghur people.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

German Invasion of Russia - WWII - The Volga

Soviet film about the German invasion of Russia during World War Two and the attack of Stalingrad in particular. This film was photographed by 150 Soviet Army cameramen.

No shortage of praise for the brave Russian soldiers - in English.

Wild Russia - The Secret Forest - Siberia

this is just beautiful HD and from National Geographic

Piruk and Peremech


This site is fascinating. Especially interesting is this book:


"Хәзерге татар әдәбияты һәм Роберт Миңнуллин" Версия для печати

More Books - (Tatar Cyrillic) iLbyak

iLbyak school online book list

More books at Tazbash

"Биредә төрле китапларның электрон варианты: татар китаплары, татарчага тәрҗемә ителгән әсәрләр, шигырьләр һәм яшь авторларның хикәяләре тупланган."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kazan - Women's Ksenievskaya Gymnasium

"Tartarian Men" 1673

The term "Tatar" or "Tartar" is used in several ways. This usage refers to "Tartarians" as the Chinese that the Dutch were actively trading with during the 1600's.

These are not Kazan Tatars.

The multiple use of the term Tatar serves to confuse everyone, including many Tatars. Tatars are not Chinese Mongol, or Russian. Tatars are Turkic Muslims, with populations all around Russia, with sizable numbers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and of course within Tatarstan.

Three Tatars 1907

"Tartarian Women" 1673


Now these are not the Kazan Tatars of the Volga Basin. These are Dutch images from 1673 during trade with China. The text is especially interesting as these "Tartarians" seem to abhor Moslems and Turks, first time we're seeing anything like this.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kobe Mosque

Tatars at Kobe Mosque, in Japan
This photo is of the "Opening Ceremony" of the Mosque.

Many including:
Enver Starkow
Arif Sadri
Fazil Sadri
Fuat Sadri
Ali Akis

Birthday Party Peremech

Here are two more fine photographs of Peremech to add to our Gallery of Peremech.

Kobe Japan - Tatar School

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Several of the individuals in this photo migrated to Turkey and onwards to California.
The evidence in these Tatar - Japanese photos points to a prosperous community, well dressed and with facilities to secure their cultural expression in a foreign land.