Friday, January 17, 2014

Tatar Folk Dance

we don't have any notes to accompany this video. This is from a "Tatar folk" search on youTube.

Ey , Sez Matur Kizlar

Эх сез матур кызлар 
Ey, Sez Matur Kizlar

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Flight to Ufa

It took almost a lifetime before we saw a flight to Ufa, Bashkortstan on an airport flight board.
We were looking for flights to Kazan, to no avail.  This was taken in Istanbul in December 2013.
We are hoping in the future that there will be more direct flights from other major hubs, directly to Kazan and Ufa both.

Tatar Tubetei selection

Six Republics of the Middle Volga

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

simurg books Istanbul

These people were helpful with Tatar books in Istanbul.
In the standard Turkish manner, business takes place with a friendly cat and hot cup of tea.
This shop is on the third floor of a building, below Taksim

Batırşa Yavı

Tatar Halik Cirlari

Türklerin ve Tatarlarin Kökeni

Tatarlar - Isemebez hem Cisemebez

This was the single Tatar book along with us to Turkey.
We posted this a few months back, but it is now digitized and .pdf'd. here

It concerns the name "Tatar", it's origin and asks many questions.  Why are there so many different people referred to as Tatars?  What is the true origin of the people of Tatarstan?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Zühre Kiriş Anma Günü

A chilly visit in the snow to the cemetery..

Sinen Nurin - Hasan Tufan lyrics
nice little song for my Grandmother..

Ay Bilbillim
Sadiye Apa and Nerkis Apa at the Kazan Kultur Dernek in Ankara, Turkey

Kazan Crest

From the wall of the "Tatar Dernek" in Ankara, Turkey.. very nice.

Tatar School - Hailar/Haylar Manchuria China 1922

Young Zuhre Ebe Kugus is second from the left in the front row.

This is from the collection of Rauf/Sadiye Kiris

Tatar Folk Ensemble - "Gomerlәr uzyp bara" (2007)

Composed by Mәsgudә Shәmsetdinova.
Sung at "Җide joldyz" Tatar Song Festival.
Мәсгудә Шәмсетдинова көе, Харрас Әюп сүзләре
(II Халыкара "Җиде йолдыз" татар җыры фестивале, Казан, 2007 ел)

Minority Languages of Europe

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kitmä Sandugaç - İldar Jamalov

Kitmä Sandugaç - İldar Jamalov
"Don't Leave, Nightengale. 
You're departing. I remain."

If this song is sung well and he sings it well, it just rips your heart out. 
 Begeräk matur...