Monday, December 29, 2008

Parli Yalgizlar

I'm getting tired of old pictures.
Let's listen to some tunes.

Z Xeyretdinov hem G Timerzhanova - Parli Yalgizlar

A few Peremech next to the fire, with a pretty girl is very Romantic. Can we make our sweetheart a heart-shaped Peremech?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ufa Region City Pins

UFA is the capital of the Republic Bashkortostan, Russia. It is situated at the confluence of the Belaya and Ufa Rivers. The city began as a fortress built on the orders of Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) in 1574 and originally bore the name of the hill is stood on Tura-Tau. The town began to be called Ufa meaning "small" in Turkic. Ufa limits expanded mainly along the roads, the main one being Kazan road that joined the town with Moscow via Kazan.

Belebey was founded in 1715, city since 1781. It is center of economic region of Russia republic Bachkortostan.
The old city’s crest heraldry was confirmed on July 8 in 1782. In the top part is an old city’s crest heraldry of Ufa, below in red field 2 quivers put cross wisely with arrows.

Sterlitamak In April 1735 in estuary of river Or was founded the fortress becoming subsequently city Orenburg. Post stations connecting Ufa and Orenburg were constructed also. These stations were situated on distance of one day way from each other. One of such station becomes Ashkodar post station. In the beginning of 1765 it was decided to construct quay. So Ashkadar post station has become Ashkodar quay. In August 1766 the quay received name Sterlitamak.
The old city’s crest heraldry was confirmed on June 8 in 1782. In the top part there is old city’s crest heraldry of Ufa, in the bottom - 3 floating silver gees in a blue field.

The second row:

Menezelinsk is a town located on the Menzelya River (Kama’s basin), 292 km east of Kazan. It was founded in1584 and granted a town status in 1781. Its fair is one of the most important in the southern Ural Region for cattle, hides, furs, grain, tea, manufactured articles, crockery etc.
Old city crest heraldry was confirmed on July 3, 1781. In a bottom part of shield the flying gold merlin is placed in a blue field.

Birsk is a town and administrative center of the republic of Bashkortostan. It was founded by the Tsar’s decree as a fortress. The place was chosen at a estuary of the Bir’ River and the town was named Birsk after the Bir’ River. In 1747 the fortress and a town were burnt by groups of Salavat Yulaev (participant of Pugachev’s revolt and national hero of Bashkortostan). The new stage of town’s development began in 1782, when Ufa was separated from Orenburg Province.
Old city crest heraldry was confirmed on June 8, 1782. In the bottom part of shield there is water sparrow Olyashka which is fairly common for these places.

Busuluk is located on the banks of Samara River. It was founded in 1736 as a military outpost along the Russia’s southern frontier. Busuluk is one of the oldest settlements of the extensive steppe territory. The fortress was enclosed with wide earthen wall, moat and walls built of logs with mural towers. The fortress had four gates. The history of Busuluk is very closely connected with Pugachev’s revolt.
Old city crest heraldry was confirmed on June 8, 1782. In a bottom part of shield is placed the silver deer in a green field meaning that these animals dominate in forests surrounding Busuluk.

Ufa Long Ago

Uspenskaya Street

Pushkin Street

Ufa Mecit

Central Street - Main Street 1914

Opera and Ballet Theatre

Aleksandrovskaya Street


Uspensky Street

Ufa Pre-1917

Ufa Train Station 1910

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tatar Man 1916

I'm not sure where this came from, but my source says it's German and from 1916. WWI
"A Tatar"

Tatar Postage Stamps

Bashkortstan Stamp

Bashkir Stamp

Qol Sharif

Kayum Nasyri - Tatar Educator

Musa Jalil

Crimean Tatars 1922?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kazan from above

Tatar Badges and Patches - Crests - Arms

Kazan University

Kazan Military Academy

Kazan Visual Arts Museum badge from Soviet Era

Kazan Artillery School Badge (Soviet)

Kazan 1000 Commemorative Pin

Kazan Aviation Institute (Soviet)

Kazan Tank Academy - WW2 Medal


Crest of Crimean Tatars (above)

Now how do you say, "Freeze, This is Ma Baker!" in Tatarcha?