Friday, November 4, 2011

Tatar - Russian Dictionary 1966

This is a re post of that HUGE Tatar/Russian Dictionary from 1966. (140MB!)
This dictionary is a Xerox of the original held at University of California, Berkeley.
The professor would not permit the dictionary to leave the building, so I stood next to his desk and copied it in its entirety. The Xerox machine ran out of paper and broke down a few times, professor running out of patience. This file is a .pdf of a scan of a Xerox so it is far from pristine. Another problem I encountered in 1987, when this was scanned was that there did not exist a Tatar/English dictionary. I would use this dictionary first and then to a Russian/English dictionary. You could imagine the difficulty in this two step process. Here it is:  

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Anonymous said...

1966 dictionary! Fantastic. I'm interested what changes to Tatar languages have happened since then. Gonna compare it with Ganiev's dictionary.
And, surely, it may be of help to Tatar translators, as the 1997 dictionary is quite incomplete.