Monday, April 23, 2018

Peremech Power

Over ten years ago, when we began this Tatar blog endeavor, there was spotty content online relating to Tatars and Tatar culture.  We used this place to dump images and lyrics and historic and cultural content that has helped us to learn who we are and to share and enjoy this knowledge.  Over the years, the Tatar digital community has blossomed and in the present moment of April 2018, if you do a google search under "Tatar", there is a lifetime's worth of content to peruse and enjoy.  This blog has enabled us to meet other Tatars from here to the end of the Earth and in addition to loving Peremech and other Tatar foods, we all just simply love our language, culture and heritage.  Being Tatar is great fun. Our history is rich. Our people are civilized. 

Despite challenges, Peremech Power is lasting and on the move.

Rim Hasanov