Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tukay for Ramadan

"İy Bahele İy Kederle! İy Gonahsiz Yäș Bala!
Rähmäte Bik Kin Anin, Här Däm Tayan Sin Allah'ga!"

In honour of the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan

Sınırlar Arasında - Tataristan

Banu Avar'la Sınırlar Arasında - Tataristan - Kazan'ın Bin Yılı..
Tataristan Cumhuriyeti cumhurbaşkanı Mintimir Şaymiyev'le özel bir sohbet, yeni ceditçiler, islami hareketler, yeniden yükselen Sultan Galiyev'cilik... Komünistler, yeni zenginler, kentliler ve köylüler ve Tatar kadınlarının ilginç hikayeleri bu bölümde Sınırlar Arasında'da..
Excellent video content - in Turkish
We don't have a date on the original broadcast

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tugan Tel - Tukay

This is from my father, Fazil Sadri's childhood notebook. In Kobe Japan, the Tatars learned to write in the script of Abdullah Tukay.

Penza of Old

Many Tatars that live in California are from villages and towns in the Penza District. Here are some lovely pics of structures in old Penza.

Tayan Allah'ga

Kipchak Turks

Some called them Sycthians/Sakas, some called them Huns. And they called themselves "the Kipchaks".

There is content on this page expressing theories of the origin of the Tatar people. There are many theories. Turks, Mongolians, Finns, Russians, and Tatars themselves are likely to express different theories; some with subtle differences, some not so subtle.

Tatars inhabit a relatively widespread area of Russia (From Europe to Siberia!) and many will refer to them by different names, but Tatars are One people. They share a mutual language and culture.

Finnic and Turkic peoples of the Idel-Ural Region

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sirin Hafizof

Sirin - Tatar in Moscow. His homepage has his writings, songs and tech stuff.
His "Tatar Keyboard chart" is quite nice.

content in Russian
(we translate using

The Tatar digital world gets bigger everyday!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

California Tatar Sabantuy 1973 - Searsville Lake

Salavat Fatxutdinov - Awilim Uramnari

Салават Фатхутдинов-"Авылым урамнары"
Salavat Fatxutdinov - Awilim Uramnari

awil = village
awilim = my village
uram = street
-nari = plural and posessive

Awilim Uramnari = the streets of my village

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kazan Utlary - October 1990

The Peremech Lounge has a copy of this issue as a .pdf.
Please send us a note and we will send you a copy.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bashkir Dance for Bayan - Epipe

We didn't know that "Epipe" was Bashkir. Either we're ignorant, or they're wrong.

Biyu Takmaki - Tatar Song for Bayan

Azerbaijan Folk Song - For Bayan

Kazakh Song for Bayan

The Kazakh people are Turkic folk, like Tatars and Bashkirs. These songs are taken from Soviet folk anthologies for Bayan. The Bayan is similar to piano accordion, except there are buttons on both sides of the accordion, and is indigenous to Russia and Asia.

If you can't play Bayan, the treble line can be extracted and used as a melody line.

Tatar School in Hailar - China 1922

Here's a pic we haven't seen before. It's of the Tatar school in Hailar, China from a different angle. This pic is from the collection of Nural Akchurin.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bulent and iLhan - Ottowa 1968

Tatars in Turkey 1968

This is some of my family in Turkey.

My Grandmother on my Mother's side had several siblings. Zuhrә Ebe, Rauza Apa and Azuk Absi are in this film from list below:

Grandmother's Zuhrә born in Penza - buried in Ankara - Turkey
Brother Azizullah (Azuk Absi) passed away recently in Istanbul.
Sister Mahirә (Mahuk Apa) - eventually lived in Australia
Sister Hanifә (Hәnuk Apa) - moved from China to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where she lived out her years.
Sister Rauza - moved to New York and enjoyed living on Long Island - now lives in Istanbul.
Brother Inәyәtullah - Born in China - lived in Turkey - passed away in Russia

California Tatar Newsletter in Tatar

Here's a first. The American Turko-Tatar Association Newsletter, from the Tatar Community in Burlingame, started published their newsletter in Tatar.
Evolution of Tatar Writing

Picto-script >> Arabic script >> Latin Alphabet >> Cyrillic Alphabet >> Yanalif
Other Tatars use the Modern Turkish Alphabet
Tatars in the United States and Australia use a modified Turkish Alphabet based on the standard QWERTY keyboard.

Our alphabet has changed so many times that our heads are spinning. With each change of alphabet, an entire generation becomes illiterate. The spoken language remains the same.

We're excited about this addition to the newsletter. It provides an opportunity for those that don't speak English to keep up to date, and for others to strengthen their Tatar Language skills.


characters Fazlullin's
Jaŋalif Modern Latin Notes
1 А а А а А а A a A a
2 Б б Б б Б б B ʙ B b
3 В в В в В в V v W w, V v [v] in Russian words, [w] in Tatar words
4 Г г Г г Г г G g, Ƣ ƣ G g, Ğ ğ
5 Д д Д д Д д D d D d
6 Е е Е е Е е E e, Je, Jь E e, ye, yı
7 Ё ё Е е
Jo Yo only in Russian loanwords
8 Ж ж Ж ж Ж ж Ƶ ƶ J j
9 З з З з З з Z z Z z
10 И и И и И и I i İ i
11 Й й Й й Й й J j Y y
12 К к К к К к K k, Q q K k, Q q
13 Л л Л л Л л L l L l
14 М м М м М м M m M m
15 Н н Н н Н н N n N n
16 О о О о О о O o O o
17 П п П п П п P p P p
18 Р р Р р Р р R r R r
19 С с С с С с S s S s
20 Т т Т т Т т T t T t
21 У у У у У у U u U u
22 Ф ф Ф ф Ф ф F f F f
23 Х х Х х Х х X x X x
24 Ц ц Ц ц Ц ц Ts Ts only in Russian loanwords
25 Ч ч Ч ч Ч ч C c Ç ç
26 Ш ш Ш ш Ш ш Ş ş Ş ş
27 Щ щ Щ щ Щ щ Şc Şç only in Russian loanwords
28 Ъ ъ Ъ ъ Ъ ъ

29 Ы ы Ы ы Ы ы Ь ь I ı
30 Ь ь Ь ь Ь ь

31 Э э Э э Э э E e E e
32 Ю ю Ю ю Ю ю Ju/Jy Yu/Yü
33 Я я Я я Я я Ja/Jə Ya/Yä
34 Ә ә Аъ аъ Ӓ ӓ (Я я) Ә ә Ä ä
35 Ө ө Оъ оъ Ӧ ӧ Ө ө Ö ö
36 Ү ү Уъ уъ Ӱ ӱ (Ю ю) Y y Ü ü
37 Җ җ Жъ жъ Ж ж Ç ç C c
38 Ң ң Нъ нъ Ҥ ҥ Ŋ ŋ Ñ ñ
39 Һ һ Хъ хъ Х х H h H h

As you can see, Yanalif is essentially Latin.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Small Quranic Book from Tokyo 1934

published in Tokyo in 1934 by the Tokyo Tatar Community.


Tatar was written using the variant of the Arabic alphabet shown below from the 9th century until 1920 within Tatarstan.

Tatars living in Japan and China continued to used this alphabet long after. We're impressed that they were able to publish so many titles.

more concerning Tatars in Japan

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Songs That Make Girls Cry

This is:

Туй йоласына караган татар җырлары

«Татар халык иҗаты. Йола һәм уен җырлары», (Казан, Татарстан китап нәшрияты, 1980) китабыннан туй йоласына караган 81 җыр текстлары. - Тексты татарских обрядовых свадебных песен..
This content above is a Tatar Wedding Website

Керегез, карагыз, укыгыз, языгыз

Керегез, - Keregez - Come on in,
карагыз, - Karagiz - Look around,
укыгыз, - Ukigiz - Read,
языгыз - Yazigiz - Write