Saturday, August 30, 2014

Crimean Tatars on Vice

Dates in the Tatar Calendar

30 avgust - Tatarstan Möstäqillege köne

30 August - Tatarstan Republic Day - In 2014, It is the 24th anniversary of the declaration of sovereignty of the State of Tatarstan. 

Sabantuy 1976 - Searsville Lake - San Mateo County

We ran across this old image from a 1970's Sabantuy when the Burlingame Tatar community would hold it at Searsville lake, about half hour south of Burlingame.   It is now private property and not available to use. 

Çit İl Tatar Radio Intervyu + Яшьләр on-line

Adile and Turan recently returned from "Botendonya Yeshler Forum" in Kazan and here they are on Tatar Radio. Sounds great you guys.  From August 2014.

Below is their appearance on Tatar TV (!) 
The program is called "Yeshler On-Line" - "Youth On-Line". 
"Яшьләр on-line"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

UFA drum

We know the Bashkir people are talented musicians and many Tatars enjoy singing Bashkir folk songs, but this is new to us.  The City of Ufa has a trinity of electric guitars in their crest!  Brilliant!