Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BabayTV - Kirim Tatar TV

I like this. This is the second "TV Station" in this format in Tatar.
The simplicity is elegant.

extra Peremech for you, kardeshim!

( and I would have given you extra peremech if the above link wasn't DEAD. It's August 26 2009. and it's dead dead dead. Gafu Itegez. Try here: for more Kirim Tatar info. )

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two more Lovely Mosques in Turkey

The Turks are good people and their architecture is truly incredible. This upper photo, I took of the New Mosque in Ankara. It's Huge and quite beautiful, and brand new. The symmetry and rise of the minarets is pleasing. It looks like the Mother Mosque of the New Mosque in Chechnya. You could spend an eternity in Turkey examining architectural details, and an additional benefit that Mosques can be a dozen degrees cooler inside than in the searing heat of the open sun.

This lower photo is of Ayasofya in Istanbul. This building was originally a Byzantine Cathedral, Later a Mosque, now a museum. Some of the more unusual and "common" mosques can be very compelling as well. One of the most interesting was a Mosque within a chemical factory.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Brand New Mosques

Even with all the chaos going on in that State, the Chechens managed to erect this beautiful new mosque, in Grozny. This photo is during construction, and the finished mosque has classical Ottoman lines, perfect balance and harmony. I think those minarets are about 13 stories tall

I think this new mosque is in Ufa, Bashkortstan. I love the minarets.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tatar Music TV
Tatarca cirlarTatar music TV:
Tewlik buyi (24 seget buyý) tatarcha cirlar tapshiruchi Tatar Musicinternet TV:

this link was posted by Sagit Hayri on a Tatar email group that i subscribe to:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ike Yul - Tukay

This poem is not taken from the above book. The bookcover is just that.

Gramafunda Tatar Jirlari - Tukay

Fajigai Kazan

Enkeyneng Kullari

Enkeyem, Enkeyem

We just can't stop singing about this woman!


Enkemneng Dogalari


Here's another of several thousand love songs written about our favorite subject.

Bezneng Gayle (Aile) - Tukay

Bala Belen Kubelek - Tukay

Chirshi - Tukay

Allah Tebarek we Tegale - Tukay

Esh - Tukay

Bishek Jiri - Tukay

Karligach - Tukay

Bahetle Bala - Tukay

Ali Belen Keje - Tukay

One of the first audio recordings of me, as an infant in Montreal, was reciting this in the negative, being very disagreeable and my Eni laughing along with my recitation. I think my brother and I recorded over it. Sakalin Silkitmi!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ike Yul - Tukay

Ak Babay - Tukay

Karga - Tukay

Kizikli Sekert - Tukay

This painting is titled "Tukay in Astrakhan"

Saginam Duslar



Kozge Achi Jillerde

Kizil Rozalar


Oli Yulning Tuzani

Min Sine Shundiy Sagindim

Mohabbet Shatligi


Koshlar Kebek

Soyembike Kitep Bara