Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gubaidulina at Amoeba Music

It can't be much longer that they continue to sell Sofia Gubaidulina CD's at Amoeba Music. There is nobody in this place and it's as big as the airport.  It will shut soon.  Last time we visited, the Zulya section was GONE and Gubaidulina section a bit sparse.  We did happen to pick up a copy of "Glorious Percussion - In Tempus Praesens". 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Peremech in a Toyota Corolla

Two Peremech in a plastic bag transforms any car into a luxury car.  Try it!

Eni with İt Bäleş

Look how proud she is of her İt Bäleş.
Tatar mothers are the best!

Tatar Leather Souvenirs

Folk Costume of the Soviet Union - Tatar

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We do not possess a copy of this book (yet)

İt Bäleş - Tatar Meat Pie

These hearty savory pies are called "İt Bäleş" (pronounced "eet belish") literally translating as "meat pie".   Tatars within Tatarstan do not typically include cellophane noodles (bean threads). I'd often heard of the noodles referred to as "Finchoza".  This is a touch added by Tatars living in East Asia.

This pie was made by Eni - Talia Dolling.  She should get some credit, No?

Russian Center - Punk Club

In the mid to late 1980's in San Francisco, the Russian Center in San Francisco would rent out the main hall to music promoters. Many famous California Punk Rock bands performed in the Russian Center.  This building is not used by Tatars.  As we enter this building,  for the annual Russian festival for example, we are visitors and guests.  It is a friendly environment.  They no longer have rock-shows.