Saturday, November 21, 2015

Getting to Know the Real Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great wasn't Tatar. She wasn't even Russian. She was German and Lutheran. She married and converted and seized power and changed Russia forever. Why is she in this blog? During her reign, The Crimea was seized from the Turks. Tatars, being dominated by Russians were no doubt affected by her decisions. There were numerous films made of her life story including her character being portrayed by Mae West and Marlene Deiterich, among others.  The most famous story of her life, the manner of her death, is a lie.

Ufa - Travel video

Street Art in Ufa - Public Murals

This is an episode from a youTube series titled "Real Russia". The host lives in Ufa and is married to a woman who is half Bashkir, half Tatar.