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Histoire Genealogique Des Tatars 1726

Ebülgâzî Bahadir Han, Khan of Khorezm, 1603-1663 and translated into French
CREATED/PUBLISHEDAbram Kallewier: Leyde, 1726 (844 Pages)
I believe this is a translation of a work that was written in 1661.

Here's the blurb:

"In this work Abulgasi-Bayadur-Chan describes the tribal history of the Tartars since the biblical time of Adam until the year 1663. This edition is the French translation of the original manuscript, written in Arabic, and contains numerous critical comments.
The two maps that were added to this book were created from the same material used for Strahlenberg's map of Siberia. Compared to these maps Strahlenberg's, which was released at the same time, shows more details and it is a little more exact."

This book was written during a time when "Tatar" had different meanings to different people. This may be more of Siberians.

Russian To Arabic Tatar Lessons

Azbuka Tatarskago jazyka s obstojatelnym opisaniem bukv i skladov
The alphabet of the Tatar language with a detailed description of the letters and syllables

Thursday, February 26, 2009

ATTA Singing Group - Bibisara - Silk Road House

Anita speaks about Tatar History and Bolghar.

Vasily spent his youth in a Tatar Village in Tatarstan.

Rukiye and Talia admire a hat with feathers on top

Alma adresses the crowd

Feb 22, 2008. Silk Road House Berkeley. We sang five songs

This one is Bibisara. Also: Ay Bilbillim, Sinen Nurin, Ommigulsum, and I Tugan Tel.

The silk road house is a very interesting place, exploring cultures along the Silk Road. They have regular lectures and performances, demonstrations. I was most impressed by their bookcase which contains a lifetime of very interesting language study materials from many languages.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hailar Tatar School - Manchuria Tatars - Manchukuo

I'm working on getting the names for this...

I'll get a year on this...
I believe this is the school where my Zuhre Ebe was the Principal.
This Gentleman is my Mother's Grandfather. His name was Shakirjan (Kirusheff)


Halime Ebe (born in Chita) with Bulent and Myself

Chita Mosque 1902

Hotel Dauria

Gorod Station (Main Train Station)

Amurskaya Ulitsa

View from Atomonovskaya Square

Chinese Image of Chita

I know nothing about the city of Chita, Siberia. My Father was born in Kobe, Japan, where there was a sizable Tatar community. His Mother was born in Chita. She's the Ebe that ended up living here in California. She would watch Lawrence Welk FULL BLAST and refer to him as "Lawrence Wreck". I know that there are Tatars in Siberia. I'm not sure what year she left Chita for Japan. Her name was Halime and she was very sweet to us. She worked very hard minding us.

When I watch Lawrence Welk, I think of her.

"At the end of the 19th century many Muslims settled in Chita, attracted by its trading potential. These Muslims were mainly of Tatar origin. They settled down near the Jewish quarter and built a mosque. Many Tatars resident in Chita today are their descendants.
Perhaps due in part to the influence of the early revolutionary exiles, Chita was a center for worker unrest in the early years of the 20th century. After Father Gapon and his workers were massacred in St. Petersburg in January 1905, Chita became a center for worker demonstrations, which led to armed revolutionaries taking control of the city and declaring the "Chita Republic". Troops sent by the Tsar quickly crushed the new government and its leaders were severely punished on the slope of Titovskaya hill.

She was occupied by Japanese between 1918-1920. From 1920 to 1922 Chita served as the capital of the Far Eastern Republic. From the 1930s through the end of communism, Chita was a closed city. During this period, foreigners were prohibited from travelling to Chita as were many Russians. The basis for the closing of the city was apparently its proximity to China and military installations. During World War II, a significant number of Japanese soldiers were taken by the Russians as prisoners of war. Through whatever machinations present at that time, they were put to work in the construction industry. In the centre of Chita you will find buildings with a definite hint of Japanese style. The buildings are not overtly Japanese, but they definitely differ from the other styles present.
In 1945, Pu Yi, the "Last Emperor of China", and some of his associates were held prisoner in the city, in a former sanatorium for officers."


People are taking pictures of me

Look what i found online!

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Kazancentricism courtesy of

Finally some global perspective from a KAZANCENTRIC point of view.
I'm ready for more.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Güler Duman & özlem özdil - Yollarina karmi yagdi

I love these Turkish String Instruments. I went to look at them the last time I was at Kizilay, Ankara which was a VERY long time ago. The price was right and I stood and contemplated How The Hell Am I Going To Get This Home and decided against. The twangy sound is something quite distinct and Turkish. It is at the same time very elegant and very folksy and expressive.

These Turkish women are so talented and the music so beautiful, I could listen all day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh Peremech!

Hey I just took the subway over from Berkeley where I took this picture of Fresh Hot Oven Peremech at the Silk Road House concert. So that makes them just a few hours old and still nice and warm!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Suleiyman The Magnificent In The Air

The first time I saw this I nearly fell over. It was in the air and I couldn't believe my eyes. The Multi-Millionaire Malcolm Forbes had this hot-air balloon built for a visit he made to Turkey. It has made appearances at balloon festivals throughout the world. It depicts Suleiyman The Magnificent. 1495 – 1566 Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

There's a good brief bio of him here.

DJ Radik «Туган авылым» (DJ Радик)

Tugan Awilim

The Village Where I Was Born (My Hometown)

Landysh Nigmetzhanova "siu"

Chernobyl Sucks. Let's Dance

Friday, February 20, 2009

History of Chernobyl

This is a very interesting website. It has the history of the Chernobyl area and many interesting photos of an abandoned city. Many Tatars were affected terribly by this tragedy.
Barack Obama has been exploring Nuclear Energy as a step towards energy-independence for the United States. Before we consider this, the experience in Chernobyl should be considered.
My Ebe in Ankara would ask us to bring Tea to her. Twinings or other English tea that was Non-Turkish. The tea grown along the south shore of the Black Sea was found to be radioactive upon export to Arabia.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Black And White Stoll 'Round Ufa



Titled "Ufa Bashkirs"

Most of my ancestors are from the Penza area. I have a grandmother from Chita. Many Tatars also live in Ufa, in neighboring Bashkortstan.

Back to Good Ole' Ufa

Ufa - Ushakovsky Park

"Kazanskaya Ulitsa"

Tatar ASSR Pavillion Moscow All Union Exposition

above pic not from Moscow, but interesting ATSSR constructivist sculptural signage nonetheless.

These pictures are a little boring, but I'm posting anything and everything relating to Tatar History and Culture.

Galiaskar Kamal

Saturday, February 14, 2009

More Various Old Images - Kazan

Tatar ASSR Postcard - Opera and Ballet Theatre
Old Tatar Market

Russian Avante Garde GSTS Aarsky Field?

Restaurant in Garden Park - Kazan

Prolmnaya Street - Kazan - Hotel, Bank

Imperial Russia Postcard

So often when an image is indicated as "Tatar", it's not Volga Tatar, but some other ethnic costume entirely. At least this Tatar is on a horse.

Crimean Tatar Haircut