Monday, November 24, 2008

Tatar Amtrak-Caravan To Louisville, Kentucky

I've been away for weeks and missing my home and my readers and laptop. I went by Amtrak rail (Camel) to Kentucky, a four day trip across the country. My closest friends went insane and ran off to the South. I needed to visit. I miss them terribly. Kentucky is a charming and beautiful place, described to me as "The Midwest With A Southern Twang". The architecture is tremendous and like San Francisco, in Louisville you could spend a lifetime absorbing the architectural details around you. The Roman Revival homes are incredible. The Barbacue is to die for and the people talk with charming accents and call everyone "Honey" and "Darling" and stuff like that. "I Dooooo Declare!". I'm looking forward to going back again and again.

Colonel Sanders of "Kentucky Fried Chicken" is from Louisville. We had to make a pilgrimage to his grave. I was hoping for a bronze chicken or a bronze bucket or something. We were the only ones here and there wasn't an odour of fried foods for miles and miles. I used to like their "Spicy Rice".

I went hunting for Tatar books at the Louisville Free Public Library, a beautiful structure. Alas, there were none. There were a few books about the current state of Central Asian economics and a couple of other pseudo-relevant books, but no holy grail of Tatar Culture. Great sign at the front door though.

On the way home from Kentucky, I went through Cincinatti and saw this cafe downtown. Hmmmmmm? Getting closer!

I looked in the phone book and there were listed three Mosques in the greater Louisville area, A kind man I met there named Bob told me he had gone to prayer services with a friend at one of them.

Essalam Alleykum Y'all!

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