Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bashkir Honey in Outer Space

Bashkir honey has a lot of international awards including golden even in XIX century. It is much more tasty and healthy than any other. This national product has long become the Republic's hallmark. When going back home, visitors to Bashkortostan always take along a couple of cans or jugs of delicious Bashkir honey . Bashkortostanis, too, when travelling to other areas and countries, never fail to take this product as a present.
Bashkir honey is the national product and pride of the people here similar to Swiss cheese and French wine. There is no person who, having tasted genuine Bashkir honey , would not appreciate its magnificent organoleptic qualities, its unique healing properties. Another proof of this is popularity of honey with Russian cosmonauts:
In 2005, Rishat Galeyev, Head of the " Bashkir Honey " Regional R&D and Production Centre got acquainted with specialists of the Centre for Training Cosmonauts named after Yuri Gagarin. He was greatly surprised to learn that honey, so rich in microelements, was not included in cosmonauts' rations. He was told that those apiary products which had previously been submitted to the Centre had been rejected. When our compatriot offered to supply a trial batch of Bashkir honey they were sceptical at the Centre and noted that that batch would have to be rejected, too. They did however, analyzed it "for the experiment's sake" and were literally astonished to have found in Bashkir honey all of the substances useful for the human body when in orbit for a long time. The product was awarded the top ratings according to the 9-point scale.
First, they gave some honey to cosmonauts to taste while still on the Earth and the result was the same - 9 points. They then sent several cans to space. Cosmonauts orbiting the Earth in a space station enjoyed the taste and aroma of Bashkir honey so much that it was decided to include our national product into the space menu. Honey was also made an ingredient of cosmonauts' special pre-flight nutrition and for the post-flight re-adaptation.
Spacemen store honey on board - one kilo per person per two months. They order both plain honey and the product with various additives, for example, propolis, queen bee's milk, etc.
If you once try the taste of Bashkir honey you will never exchange it for another.

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