Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muzyka Tatarska

Here is a new CD called “Yazcite” which was released in Poland in July 2010.

The music draws much of its inspiration from the old chants of the Tatars. The melodies are derived mainly from the regions of Kazan and Ufa, however there are self-created melodies inspired by tatar music as well. There are used etnical music instruments.

Polish people do associate the Tatars mainly with the violent and wild tribe plundering the country and making its inhabitans prisoners. Nonethelles their significant presence on Polish lands is a 600-years old tradition. Today this etnical group numbering about 5,000 live mostly in Podlasie (Podlachia) region near Bialystok and Sokolka.

This is first project in Poland reviving music of polish Tatars !,prod58305592,muzyka-p

This was submitted by Hanna Turonek.

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