Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ancient Tatar Tomb in the Andes

Western Argentina, Top of the Andes above Mendoza.

The King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center, the largest Mosque in South America, was completed in 1996 on a piece of land measuring 20,000 m². The total land area granted by the Argentine government measures 34,000 m², and was offered by President Carlos Menem following his visit to Saudi Arabia in 1992. The project cost around US$30 million, and includes a Mosque, library, two schools, a park, is located in the middle-class district of Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Because of the strong legacy left by Moorish Muslims on the Iberian peninsula, there were Muslims of Moorish and African descent who explored the Americas with Spanish and Portuguese explorers.

The 20th century saw an influx of Arab migrants to the country, mostly from Syria and Lebanon. It is estimated that today there are about 3.5 million Argentinians of Arab descent.

This above image is from a Mosque in Chile, we're assuming Santiago.
I did not visit this Santiago Mosque.

Above image is of a Mosque in Brazil.

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