Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ancient Crimea. Medieval Crimea

"As a result of the defeat of Turkey started its Russian-Turkish war of 1768-74 years. according Kucuk-Kaynardzhiyskomu the world in 1774 the Crimean Khanate was recognized as independent. In 1783 the Crimea included into the Russian Empire.

Crimean Tatars were formed as a complex multi-ethnic group, consisting of both newcomers - the conquerors and the local Islamized and Turkicized population. Up until World War II remained a clear-cut separation of the Crimean Tatars on the main landscape zones. As special groups within the ethnic group in the anthropological and linguistically distinguished Tatars South Coast (southern Caucasians, language close to Turkish Oghuz Turkic sub-branch of the Altaic family), Tatars of the steppe (the predominance of Mongoloid features, language Kipchak subgroups), an intermediate position occupied by the Tatars foothill zone . Later, as a result of deportation and subsequent return as a territorial, this structure has ceased to exist. "

the mouseover maps are very cool.

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