Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Sofia Gubaidulina ... chose a path that displeased the authorities.  Encouraged to continue to develop along her own "mistaken" path by Shostakovich at her graduation from the music conservatory, she mastered Western methods but also studies unusual Russian, Caucasian, and Asian instruments, which she uses in her compositions.  She became deeply interested in the spiritual and mystical aspects of music.  Because of her unusual music, for a long time she was not recorded and seldom performed.  Like Schnittke, she turned to writing film scores for income.  Her work gained recognition outside Russia in the 1980's, and her reputation has been growing ever since.  Among her works are Offertorium, Hour of the Soul, and Two PathsTwo Paths, about Martha and Mary in the Bible, had its world premiere in New York in 1999.  In some of her work, Gubaidulina explores the ideas of the feminine and masculine, as in her Hour of the Soul

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