Sunday, February 10, 2013

Golden Gate Park - San Francisco

There is no more pleasant way to spend an afternoon than with the squeezebox out in the park.  On hot days, it feels good to play in the tunnels.  The acoustics are incredible and make a single note sound massive, echoing into the park.   Kids clap and dance around as they pass.  Bicycles zoom through as well.  Some people look at you smiling and mouth "thankyou".  

Latino's shout out things like , "Viva La Musica!".

When the schoolkids aren't around the green benches are fair game.  Squint your eyes and it feels like Paris, with the fountains and overly trimmed trees.

The tourbuses pause so people can take pictures if I center myself under the Burns statue.   It's shady and cold there sometimes. 

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