Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Modern Tatar Art

"Tatar culture is the northern branch of common Muslim culture, which till the 20th century was mainly oriented to ornamental adornment of family life, national costume, and spiritual culture spheres, such as book adorning art and shamails (decorated sayings which were taken from Koran and made in arabic calligraphy) creature.
From the beginning of the 20th century firstly by means of Tatar periodical press (drawing), then by art education (Kazan Art School), the ideas and practice of Europe and Russian Decorative arts start to extend. Human being image is the core of this trend.
The 70-80th of the last century is the flourishing of Tatar realist decorative arts. In the end of the 20th century Tatar population art instilled into Tatarstan art and as a result all main tendencies of Tatar van-guard and modernist style has got large development."

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