Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1789 Bashkir Man

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Lindsey Dancoff said...

Hello! I've visited your blog a few times on my journey for knowledge about my people and family but I only recently made the connection that you're in California (at least it would appear to me) My late grandmother and her sisters came from Kobe. Due to some unfortunate circumstances I've lost connection with much of the Tatar side of my family.. and I know so little. I have so many questions that I didn't think to ask when I was younger. I am interested in learning so much more about our history - it's a bit difficult as I only speak english - and it seems we share some common roots. I would love to chat or learn more.. I think my email address will be left behind in this comment.

P.S. i haven't had peremech in over a decade. hopefully that will change soon