Monday, November 24, 2014

"Casan Tatars"

This plate shows different Tatar people in their local dress. From left to right; Uzbeks, Tatars of Casan and Bucharien. The man on the left is wearing a dagger.

Description: This old antique print / plate originates from: 'Il Costume Antico e Moderno ...' , by Giulio Ferrario, published in Milan in 21 volumes by Antonio Fortunato Stella in 1827 (first edition, second issue). The 17 volumes of the first issue were published sequentially between c. 1815/1816 until 1826 after first being issued in 143 weekly installments. The work appeared in Italian and French. Smaller size editions with smaller much less elaborate plates were published in Florence (1823-38), Naples (1831-42) and Livorno (1830). 

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