Sunday, July 26, 2015

Costume of Mişär Tatar Women

     1794 Pallas Engraving:  Dress, Costume of Mishar Tatar Women From: Voyages de Professeur Pallas, dans plusiers provinces de l'empire de Russie, et dans l'asie septentrionale; traduits de'allemand par le cit. Gauthier de la peyronie, Nouvelle edition, tome neuvieme (planches). A Paris, Chex Maradan, Libraire, Rue de Cimittier Andre-Des-Arts. 
     Professor Pallas was a geographer, scientist and natural historian from Germany.  He based his drawings and maps of Russia, its people, and botany on his travels during the years 1768 to 1774. As a member of academic expeditions which traveled extensively throughout the Russian empire, he explored the Zhiguli mountains and the south Urals, the steppes of western Siberia and the Altay, Lake Baykal and the mountains of Transbaikalia.  
     Darwin acknowledged Pallas as an influence on his theory of evolution.

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