Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shishka People Unite! - Azerbaijan Kulinariasi

This was that Azerbaijan Cook-book I was talking about that I picked up at the United Nations Bookstore within the UN Building in New York City. I couldn't find any Tatar books, which I expected.

Our Library at the Peremech Lounge cherishes the few books in the Azeri language that we hold. I'll pdf it and upload it soon, because you need some of these recipes. You could lick the pages they look and sound so delicious.

This book was published during Soviet times, but ironically we couldn't imagine anyone being able to access most of the published ingredients during that era, one thing we surely won't miss.

I showed this to an American friend who said, "These people are all about Shishka, aren't they!"

I explained to him to skewered cooking is perhaps more common in Asia, and Turkic peoples are cousins in all things shishka. we share many common foods.

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