Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kazan Market

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esra said...

New York Turkish Festival 2009...

The mission of the festival is to display the Turkic cultures with all its aspects, to inform and entertain the attendants and children, and serve as a scientific, artistic, and cultural resource...

New York Turkish Festival will have a broad content: Displays, artworks, craftworks, books, music, Turkish food, children's playground, Turkic folk dances and Ottoman Band, Turkish shadow theater, parade, and evening concert. Throughout the event there will be performances on the stage. Visitors will observe, watch, read material, see movies, participate in hands-on activities and experience a unique tradition...

1- Park Fest - Grand Bazaar in the Park
Prospect Park
September 27, 2009 Sunday 10-am-6pm

2- Times Square - Parade of Anatolian Civilizations
September 28, 2009 Monday, 12pm-4 pm

3- Movie Fest
September 29 - October 1, 2009
Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-10pm

4- Grand Central- Performing Arts of the Terminal
October 2, 2009 Friday, 9am-6pm