Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tatar School in Hailar - China 1922

Here's a pic we haven't seen before. It's of the Tatar school in Hailar, China from a different angle. This pic is from the collection of Nural Akchurin.

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Anonymous said...

Dear author!

Your writing surprised me! I'm dealing with Tatar Arabic alphabet, it's last version Yanga imla, to propose some letters to Unicode to make this orthography supported. This will help the Chinese Tatars to save their writing well.

I'm from Kazan, and i'm interesting in obsolete orthographies support. With my proposal one letter of Janalif alphabet - N with descender was added to Unicode 6.0.

I hope U have a scans of relatively modern usage of the Tatar Arabic alphabet in China. I will be helpful to ensure encoding comittee that this orthography is alive and this will leverage the encoding process.