Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ivan the Terrible - and Tatar boots

Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581
Ilya Repin 1885

 "Although Repin strayed away from painting historical episodes, he completed Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan in the genre. This painting depicts the historical 16th century story of Ivan the Terrible mortally wounding his son in Ivan in a fit of rage. By far the most psychologically intense of Repin’s paintings, the Emperor’s face is fraught with terror, as his son lay quietly dying in his arms, blood dripping down the side of his face, a single tear on his cheek. Repin began thinking about painting this historical episode after the assassination of Alexander II. In an attempt to recall other bloody episodes of Russian history, he painted this piece as a as an expression of his rejection of violence and bloodshed. "

The lower part of Ivan the Terrible
Viktor Vasnetsov, 1897

Bulgari Style

The making of various articles of leather is an art for which the Tatars and their ancestors the Bulgars have long been famous.  The method for preparing the leather and the style of the leather articles themselves known as "Bulgari" were familiar in Europe, Asia and even China.  Russian princes and czars were delighted to used Tatar leather articles...

Nowadays especially popular are the boots with leather inlaid national ornamentation, slippers, and women's shoes in the same style.  In the art salons of Kazan you may encounter also cushions in the leather inlay reminiscent of old time Tatar interiors.


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