Saturday, October 15, 2011

Links from Ayaz

Isenme Dostlar
Tatar TV THB 6 ay ga yakin internettan kariyalmadik
Bugen den itibaren yagi adrestan daha yakshi karapbola
after opening this page go to ONLINE and click and choose the screen
depending on the speed
or open directly using
UFA Bashkortistan TV
Barçagızga selemler

Streaming Tatar TV online has been historically problematic to say the least. Thank you Ayaz for helping us to enjoy our Language online. We wish more of the content was in Tatar, but there are many Tatars that speak only Russian now that should be acknowledged.

We have many hopes and wishes for future of Tatars, Tatar Media and Tatatarstan. The list is quite long.

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