Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Kapadokia - Redwood City - Turkish Food

There are other Turkish businesses in the greater San Francisco bay area. Here's the menu from a Turkish restaurant in Redwood City. There's a place on Valencia Street at 16th in San Francisco called "Cafe Istanbul". It's small, but the "Last Chance Belly Dance" performers cram into this tiny place and really liven things up. The owners aren't Turkish. I think they're Lebanese. They are very heavy handed with the Mint.

There's a bar on Haight Street worth a visit as well. It has minarets and domes on the facade and is called "ZamZam". He serves only martini's and is famous for being rude, I think from Iran.

Other Turko-Arabic products, I would buy at "Samiramis" at Mission Street and 26th, or the Middle Eastern Market at the corner of Sutter and Larkin. They have "Imam Bayildi" in a can!

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