Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Embassies of Central Asian Republics

We'd hoped that we would have some time to view embassies of nations of other Turkic states.  Where are they?  What face do they present to the world?   We were fortunate in that we didn't need to hunt them down.  There were many in the neighborhood of our hotel in Northwest Washington DC.  

These structures are all very interesting but leave us longing for a Free State of Tatarstan, with the Flag of Tatarstan hanging out front and a nice sign that reads: "The Democratic Republic of Tatarstan".  Will this dream ever come true?   These structures assert the sovereignty of these states and all that comes along with that sovereignty; language rights, territorial integrity, etc..

The embassy of Mongolia is in Georgetown.

This tremendous sculpture sits outside the Embassy of Kazakhstan, NW Washington DC.

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