Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Korean War Veterans Memorial and Tatars


Our uncle, Hayrullah whom we've shown climbing the minaret in Kobe Japan was being groomed by the Japanese government to be a Mullah.  He was sent to Egypt, as part of a group of young Tatars they had hoped would help administer regions within the future expanded Japan.
     World War II put an end to that and Hayrullah ended up in a Turkish military academy, with the assistance of a sponsor.  It was not possible to just immigrate to Turkey.  There was a fee for admittance to Turkey and Turkish residency.
      At this academy, he learned and advanced ranks to become a Tank commander and he served in the Korean War conflict with the Turkish Army, administered by the United Nations.  Hayrullah passed away in Turkey in 1969.  
      This war is not officially over and there are thousands of soldiers on both sides facing off to this day, forty three years after his death.

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