Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Hunt for Tatar Washington DC

illuminated subway advertising
Sultan's Garden - The blossoming of Ottoman Art
Textile Museum, Washington DC
We had an opportunity to visit Washington DC last week.  Other than being the pathway of one out of every five dollars in the United States, this beautiful capitol city has an ocean of museums.  The Smithsonian Institution collections and other museums are scattered around the capitol, and all free of charge.    As we explored all this, we had several questions in mind.
How does all of it relate to Tatars and the Tatar-American  experience? 
Do we have a place at the historic/cultural table? 
Are there any objects displayed that relate to our culture?
We also wanted to see the embassies of other Nations of Central Asia that made a full break during the collapse of the Soviet Union.
What are the embassies like and what is the quality of their facade onto Washington?
Do any of them hint at their regional decoration?

The above flyer is for a show about Ottoman Art at the Textile Museum.  We're ready for an exhibition on Tatar Art, Costume, Crafts and Personal Adornment.  Let's do it.
Turkish Heritage Month?
Turkic Heritage Month?
Tatar Heritage Month!
Turkish flags and flags of USA - Pennsylvania Avenue
At Dulles International Airport, Washington DC, there is a station for Turkish Airlines.  Their signage is in Turkish and English.    Where is Tatarstan Airlines?  Where is the Tatar signage? 

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