Thursday, January 29, 2009

Garmunchi 2-Part Video from TNV

TNV Garmunchi 1
TNV - Garmunchi 2
The word "Garmunchi" means "Garmun Player".
There are several types of accordions. The "Concertina" is small and typically has six sides. There are buttons on both sides. They can be English, German, or other. The Argentine version is called a "Bandoneon" and is masterfully played and composed by Astor Piazzola.
The "Garmun" is slightly larger, boxy and diatonic, meaning different notes are played if you press together the bellows or pull them apart. The "Cajun Accordion" from the Swamplands of Louisiana seems to be the same thing as "Garmun".
The next larger size is called a "Talyan Garmun" which I believe means "Italian". These are the same size as "Ranchero Accordions" which are used in Northern Mexico and Texas/Southwest area. There are buttons on the left hand, piano keys on the right, minus the black keys.
The Standard Concert Accordion has 120 buttons on the left hand and a standard piano keyboard on the right, although about 3/4 size keys. The rows of buttons are grouped as: Counter-Bass, Major Bass, Major Chord, Minor Chord, Seventh Chord, Augmented Chord, Diminished Chord.
The Bayan is large, like a Standard Concert Accordion, but has rows of buttons on both sides.

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