Friday, June 5, 2009

Friendly Neighborhood Saz Salesman

Zurna, Mey or Kopuz?
I've never heard of these instruments. - Very interesting site and shop.

" TUMATA (The Group for the Research and Promotion of Turkish Music) was founded by Asst. Prof. Dr. Rahmi Oruc Guvenc in 1976, and research in theory and application is being carried out, comprising the subjects of Turkish music history, its instruments and their manufacturing techniques and specialties, repertory elements and execution methods within the scope of comperative music history (Ethnomusicology). "

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esra said...

they are different type of sazas, but i belive their granddad is kopuz, and some how most of songs with saz are so sad :(( my tatar dad forced me learn saz when i was so young, i did but song were so sad with saz , hope its not same with kopuz!!