Tuesday, June 23, 2009


" [Kystybay]"

For the dough: 2 portion of the flour 1 portion of the water on the pinch of salt and soda
For the filling: 10 potatoes 3-4 Tbsp butter 1 container of milk salt to taste
For the basting: melted butter

1. Boil potatoes and mash for the filling. (by the way, for the filling it is possible to use different porridges, for example, millet.)
2. In the warm water, place salt and soda, then we add flour…
To mix nonprecipitious dough, to divide it into the balls on 100 deg., to roll out into the flat cakes about the size of a plate. To fry them on the dry frying pan from both sides. I first to treasure flat cake to the frying pan, as it browned, turn over and lubricate the fried side by lit oil… it after browned the second side, I shift pancake to the plate I lubricate the second side.
3. On half of flat cake to assume potato puree to be a finger thick, to roll up in half. We do everything rapidly, as the flat cakes can crack.
4. Serve hot and with hot tea.

(I left the strange translation intact for the most part. I like it. )

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