Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tatar District in Perm

"Tartar District - Ordzhonikidze Street no.26 house (late 19th century) Perm' Russia"

"The word "Perm" once meant a mysterious Finno-Ugric land encompassing most of the northwestern Urals that was slowly colonized by Russians since the early medieval ages. But the city is relatively new, founded by the lieutenants of Peter 1 in 1723.

It is believed that Chekhov used Perm as inspiration for the town his Three Sisters were desperate to leave. Boris Pasternak sends his Doctor Zhivago to a city clearly resembling Perm. It would be hard for these characters to recognize their city today...

It is, however, a cultured city, with a famous ballet school and interesting museums. It is also a the base from which to visit one of the best wooden architecture museums in Russia, located in Khokhlovka, the famous ice cave in Kungur and one of the grim reminders of political persecution under the Communist -the Perm-36 labor camp."

The lovely mosque in Perm (ul Osinskaya5) that has served local Tatar Muslims since 1902 graces the skyline when viewed from the other bank of the Kama.

LP 2009

This is a Tatar Dance troupe from Perm
"Танцевальный коллектив «Ветерок», город Пермь.Выступает средняя группа.

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