Saturday, February 28, 2009

Histoire Genealogique Des Tatars 1726

Ebülgâzî Bahadir Han, Khan of Khorezm, 1603-1663 and translated into French
CREATED/PUBLISHEDAbram Kallewier: Leyde, 1726 (844 Pages)
I believe this is a translation of a work that was written in 1661.

Here's the blurb:

"In this work Abulgasi-Bayadur-Chan describes the tribal history of the Tartars since the biblical time of Adam until the year 1663. This edition is the French translation of the original manuscript, written in Arabic, and contains numerous critical comments.
The two maps that were added to this book were created from the same material used for Strahlenberg's map of Siberia. Compared to these maps Strahlenberg's, which was released at the same time, shows more details and it is a little more exact."

This book was written during a time when "Tatar" had different meanings to different people. This may be more of Siberians.

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