Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Tatar" Labeled Images

"A Tartar Lady 1745" - Not Kazan Tatar

"Timour the Tartar", certainly not within our definition of Tatar.

These lower three images are labeled "Tatar" and are from 1827.

This image is titled "Tatar Family" and looks rather Crimean or Caucasian.


Anonymous said...

Cool pics, but sometimes you mistake peoples of the Caucasus for Tatars. In the past, Russians used to call "Tatars" many unrelated smaller peoples of the Caucasus and Siberia. The rule of the thumb is that if they wear turbans - they are not real Tatars

iLhan said...

Thanks for the comment. I used to be more confused, but I'm enlightened now.
That's why I named the post "Tatar Labeled Images."
They're only labeled Tatar. "Tatar" or "Tartare" was a blanket term that I've seen applied to all sorts of people that are not what I perceive to be Tatar. I posted these pics to make exactly the point that you are making.
Thank you again.