Sunday, February 1, 2009

Harbin Late 1930's

This is the China that my Eni was born into. Many other Tatars in California were born and raised here or in Hailar, Tsenzen, or a few other places in China. I recently learned that the last Emperor of China went into exile in Japanese Occupied Manchuria. Eni could have rubbed elbows, "Issenme Kitai Emperor Effendi, haller nichek? Kitailar Peremechne Yaratalarmi? "

Kitaiskii khram

Zimniaia ulitsa v Kharbine. Ostanovka transporta
Harbin 1933 Kitaiskii khram Tszy-lo-sy

Harbin from above

I posted other stuff about Tatars in China here:

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