Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finnish Anti-Lenin Postcard - Translated


There are unknown forces inside of me
Grief of the Earth, gloom of the graves
And malice of a furious gorilla.
The evil spirit of the world have inspired me
To wipe Russia of the face of the Earth...
I'm stained with Russian bloodFrom head to toes...
I haveSubdued the elements, for idle women
I have built the temple of free love,
To criminals I've given freedom
And, by the will of people's conscience
I've elevated vice to the pedestal.
I have become a God, defying all the laws
Of the corrupted Earth and Heaven...
I am the God, I overthrow the thrones
I have defied the Rus... You hear me, demon?
I will become your master
And gloomy Hell will kneel before me
Before the first Russian citizen
I am the Red God!
I'm fond of blood!!...
Written on the sculpture:"here I'm your slave, but there - you're mine!"
Picture and text by K. B. Grenhagen

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