Friday, July 18, 2008

The Most Incredible Tatar Music Book

I was told there was a sheet music store in Kazan. I faked illness to stay back at the hotel and not go to the stupid Soviet led tour around Kazan that day. The Intourist guides would lead us past boring new buildings that weren't compelling in the least, the ministry of this and that. Anyway, I'm walking down the street, I ask a man if he speaks Tatar. (He looked Tatar.) I couldn't tell where I was and asked if he knew of the shop. He was very excited to escort me to the shop. He did all the translating for me with the Russian shopkeepers and bought everything for me. He wouldn't take my money. I don't remember his name. He wrote it in Cyrillic before I learned to read Cyrillic. If I find his name again, I'll post it. I'd like to thank him again. The music book contains a good number of Tatar folk "standards", Epipe, Kaz Kanat, etc... I'm posting the cover and page 4.  Every proper Tatar home needs a copy.

July 23rd-
I've scanned and uploaded the book. The copy I own is rotting, faded and poor quality to begin with. I scanned at the highest quality (I'm only going to do this once) There are 144 pages. I would recommend printing each on card stock so it stands up better. I'm told this book is out of print. It is essential and belongs to us all. It is our music.

1 pdf file

The .pdf is only about 27 MB
I have also Volume 2 and will post upon request.

(October 4, 2008 Volume 2 is posted somewhere on this blog)

I'm thrilled to share that (as of 6 -2010) hundreds of people have downloaded this book!


Unknown said...

Dear Ilhan,
please post pdf of the 2nd volume.
Raxmatler belan,

iLhan said...

Okay Rustem,
Sezge ikenchesen yasap kuydim

Rahim Itegez.