Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eni's Freezer

Visiting Eni is so great because she seats you down and puts delicious food in front of you. Last visit, I thought I would snoop in her freezer. I had to document this freezer full not only of Peremech and Pilmenner, but under one Pilmen bag, there are some awesome Piruk trying to hide.

Yes, being Tatar is really great sometimes and so is Eni's cooking!


esra said...

my mum do the same for peremech and pilmens and cigboreks. but one edition, my mum makes pilmens so small she cut with rings and when u make moon shape its so smaller, hard work but tasty ever!!

Anonymous said...


Jalanajak said...

sowytkyctagy peremecler kajnar, eli-eli gine tabaktan peremecler bilen bir de cagychtyryla torgan nerse tuwgil!