Friday, May 22, 2009

Soyembike Global Analysis - Comparative

It's the most beautiful shape, our Soyembike tower in the Kremlin of Kazan. This great finger points to the heavens declaring that this is Tatar territory.

It has become iconic and there are other forms, more familiar to us, that conjure it's shape.

The Space Shuttle could have been designed by Tatars of Long ago, as it's shapes echo Tatar design, both in personal adornment /headgear and mausoleum architecture of ancient Bolghar.

We've mentioned in the past of how the great "Soyembike of the Pacific" magnetically attracted Tatars from Near Asia and beyond.
The Tatars on the East coast of the United States have a similar structure, although a bit more grand.
You can drive to Kazan from Paris, and under the tower itself , which is an essential component of the original Soyembike in Kazan.
But there's something about the Soyembike towers in California that lead me to believe that Tatars have been here for longer than was originally understood!

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