Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Khan Khan Shah Crypt Crypt

Khan's Palace on Cigarette Papers - "Bakhchi-sarai"
"Tartare de Crimee" 1714

Krymskii Adilgirei Khan 1903

Khan of Khiva 1873

1807 Shah of Persia Feht-Ali-Khan

Bakhchisarai. Tomb of Mengli Giray Khan of Crimea 1851

I would imagine that the Khan of Kazan would keep in touch with other Khan's and Shah's in his neck of the woods. "Peremech at my place? Next week? cool! I'll call you."

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Anonymous said...

I have that fifth portrait shown. Does anyone know how old this is. On the corner of this it reads Pl.162 0r 164. Is this old?