Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bulgar The Empire, Not the Grain

The basis of culture of Kazan Tatars is the culture of their ancestors - Bulgars.

In the VII-VIII centuries A.D. the majority of population from disintegrated Great Bulgar, which was situated near the Sea of Azov, moved to the regions of the Middle Volga and there created the new state under the name of "Idel Bulgari" (Bulgar on Volga). That state became a centre of trade between the West and the East; the famous Bulgar's fair "Aga-Bazaar" was receiving the merchant caravans from the different lands. Those caravans were accompanied by chroniclers, scholars, musicians, who enriched the Bulgar's culture, including the music.

Later the invasions of Mongols and the troops of Russian princes led to the destuction of the towns. After the campaign of 1431 set up by Fiodor Piostry, Idel Bulgari was not able to recover any more: the Bulgar town fell into decal and Bulgars were forced to found another Capitol, which was decided to be Kazan.

(this paper was tucked among my notes)

I visited Bulgar. I took the hydrofoil from Kazan. I didn't know that the Idel was so wide. At some places you couldn't see the other side. We viewed the archaeological sites. Had lunch, which was fish, and so great to picnic there.
The best part of the visit to Bulgar was going swimming and socializing with Tatars down by the water. I liked Bulgar and would be happy to visit again.

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