Monday, September 8, 2008

Religious Books - Unofficial SF Public Library - Tatar Language Department

These books are falling apart and needed to be digitized or they would be lost forever. This first book seems to have been printed in St. Petersburg in 1903 and later sold in Kazan in 1905. I found inserted inside a handwritten Japanese Business Card, meaning that this Jet-Set Book has made a Global Journey in the last one hundred five years.
This book may help people to understand how Tatars living so far away from Tatarstan can maintain their culture, and how being Muslim is an important part of being Tatar.
I understand that many older Tatar books have been lost or destroyed during the Soviet Period. I was also told that some of the best history about Tatars reside in Libraries outside of Tatarstan, such as in Baghdad, Istanbul and Egypt. Is there a larger Tatar library that's open to contributions?

This book was sent from my Ebe from Ankara. She would periodically send religious booklets and Bayram postcards, many with religious writings and such, lots of blessings. I find it helpful in my collection of tools to learn to read Arabic Script. It's written in Turkish.
When I read a Turkish Novel, I don't understand all the words, but when I read Turkish books like this, I understand much more. I've included a sample page (page 11).
I recognize the handwriting on the cover as from my Ebe. It says "Bismillah Ilrahman Irrahim".
Seeing her writing makes my miss her. This book is rotting like the others. I think it's printed on magic paper that dissolves in water!

download Kuran Dili Complete Turkish here:

Here's another small book, written in Turkish. It has illustrations that show you the different positions and procedures of Namaz. It is written with Children in mind, but quite useful to all
download Namaz Hocasi book here:

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