Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pilmen - Pilmeni - Pilmenler

Here's another from that TimeLife 1969 Russian Foods book. There's nothing more nourishing on a cold day. I like it with Soy Sauce and Sprinkled with chopped Dill Weed and Black Pepper.
Typing these words causes salivation.

I also like to make "Martian Spaceship" variation of Pilmen with two circles of dough rather than one. Adding a touch of fresh Ginger Root Chineses up the flavor and adds a sharpness too. The recipe says to serve with Butter or Sour Creme. I've never seen this served with Sourcreme, but that's not illegal, I suppose.

The porkfat isn't something we'd be using either.

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Anonymous said...

You may serve with yogurt and garlic also. Excellent.