Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alma Agachlari

Here's a friendly little number. It's called Alma Agachlari, which means, "Apple Trees".

Alma Agachlari

and a link to another post of "Tatar Apple Music".
and another here.

One of my Ebe's was famous for her Alma Belish, although I never ate it. I prefer chocolate and other stuff. I remember being grossed out by all the worms floating in the water while she'd soak the apples. She told me that that's how you remove the worms. I was amazed at how, in a single motion, Ebe could peel the entire apple with a knife, like Michaelangelo carving away. She'd give me the apple-peel spirals to munch on. She would cut with the knife exactly how they tell you not to in Boy Scouts, with the really super-sharp blade facing you, and approaching your thumb. If my Scoutmaster saw her doing that, he would've gotten really pissed off. I would've used a Potato-Peeler to be safer, myself.

My other Ebe was a pretty mediocre cook and I only remember Sari Butka from her. I think that's just scrambled eggs in rice, except Kap-Kaynar Chey of course. Kap Kaynar Chey seems to be the answer to a multitude of problems. She charmed you in a million other ways. Some Tatar foods can be very labor intensive. I've seen large crews of ladies working together half a day to make a single Chekchek. If they were wise, they'd organize into a Chekchek Worker's Union.

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patakay said...

Been reading your blog for a while now but finally just had to comment on this entry today! Your colorful descriptions really made me chuckle :)

Wish I could hear the song though--the link didn't go through. I wonder if it's the same that Rafael abzi Ilyasov made popular in Burlingame years ago?

Keep up the excellent work!