Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tatar Play in California 1982

This is the program from a Tatar Play produced in Burlingame in 1982. I remember how much everyone laughed and laughed. I also remember not understanding parts of the play. This was before my interest in my own Language was re-ignited. When I was in Kazan, one night we went to the theatre. I didn't understand much of what was going on on the stage. I thought my Tatarcha was really really bad. Someone told me the players "Bashka yerden kilgenler", which made me feel better. Sometimes when I'm reading something in Tatar and I encounter a word that I don't understand, I'll hunt in my resources, to discover that it's not a Tatar word at all, but a Russian Word. If it's a Russian slang word, I'm screwed. If the word has double-entendre, that tends to go over my head as well. I'm hoping for single-entendre. (for a start)

This program serves the additional benefit of being written in both Arabic Script and in English.
These practical "Rosetta Stones" are a much more stimulating way of learning our language, compared to a textbook. It's exactly this type of thing that gets my heart beating fast.

Has anyone ever gotten a tattoo of an alphabet? Like an armband?
I'd often thought a practical tattoo would be like the inside of a pack of Export A cigarettes;
A thorough conversion chart, algebraic formulas.

Several of these people are no longer with us and seeing their names reminds me of how much I liked all of them. Bless their souls.

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