Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Unofficial San Francisco Public Library - Tatar Language Department

The old San Francisco Public Library is now the Asian Art Museum. The new Library is just across the street and contains one Tatar Book, this one. It is available for anyone to just walk in off the street, pick the book up off the shelf and start sharing in our most noble Tongue. Now I make this book available to you, visitors to the Unofficial San Francisco Public Library - Virtual Tatar Library. This book was written by Nicholas Poppe in 1961. The first part is language instruction. The second part are texts a la 1961 Soviet times. To paraphrase Mr. Poppe, Some of the content in this book "Does not mean approval of their ideological contents". This is academic language study here. There is also a decent, although petit glossary.

I could see (people that speak only English) hitting a real barrier when the book transitions to the Cyrillic Alphabet.

Here's a random page: page 55, just to show you what's in there;

It's available to download here: (and it's a 32 mb .pdf)

And now your English speaking friends can tell you about how delicious
the Peremech is in words that compliment the tasty majesty of such a
heartening food!

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