Monday, August 4, 2008

Milliyet - Tatar Magazine

I wish there were more of these Tatar Magazines posted online, but why complain, when this page displays so nicely.
It's Milliyet Magazine, Tatar Language, Cyrillic Writing. I read (out-loud) daily to practice and to learn. It can take some time to learn the Cyrillic Alphabet, but I find it much easier to pronounce the vowels correctly than with the Latin alphabet. There are several Latin Alphabet Variations used to write Tatar. (Yanalif, Modern Turkish, English {ch, sh,etc...}) I think this is due to just having learned to read Tatar in Cyrillic first, and there is so much published in Tatar with Cyrillic.

I hope this blog continues indefinitely... (Milliyet) Magazine from Kazan

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